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In martial arts training, it is not only technique, dexterity or sequence of movements that counts. When you train karate, judo, aikido, Brazilian ju-jitsu or other disciplines, you are a competitor on and off the mat. Masters of Far Eastern techniques instil respect in students as one of the most important values. It is expressed e.g. through gestures and a special outfit. The kimono together with the belt has several functions. On the one hand, it is a very practical and durable piece of clothing, on the other hand, it creates a sense of belonging to a community and allows you to pay homage to tradition.

As an online store offering kimonos, we present our assortment, which consists of costumes dedicated to various martial arts. Properly selected outfit will make you feel like a real warrior. A sports kimono is the basic equipment of every player, it is available in many cuts and colors. Familiarize yourself with the offer and choose a kimono that was created with you in mind!

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  • Overlord Karate Suit Kyokushin

    189.00 zł

    The Kyokushin Overlord kimono is a very comfortable karateGi model that is perfect for training, sparring and competitions. The modern cut ensures precision in the techniques performed. Intended for both beginners and advanced students with high expectations.

Karate Suits  - what is it?

When we talk about kimonos in Poland, we mean clothes for martial arts fighters. More precisely, however, a different phrase should be used. Kimono is a type of traditional Japanese outfit, which, depending on the design, is used every day or for special occasions. The clothing used for training Far Eastern martial arts is dogi or gi. Karate clothes are karategi, judo clothes are called judogi. Given the popularity of the common name, we will continue to use the term kimono in the rest of the text.

Karate Suits - how to tie?

A sports kimono should be tailored to the athlete's figure and a specific discipline (the outfits may seem almost identical at first glance, but in reality, kimonos for individual disciplines are very different). Binding is done using a belt, which also shows the degree of initiation. The art of tying a kimono is called obi musubi. Each step of binding is extremely important.

Grip the strap so that both ends are the same length. We start tying at the front (at the height of the navel) and cross at the back, and then again at the front. One end should go from bottom to top. A properly tied kimono belt should have two equal ends after the knot is made. They symbolize balance.

Karate Suits - price

They practice almost every sport, you need to get the right equipment. Fortunately, martial arts kimonos are relatively cheap. You can have a high-class outfit for about 45 euro. You will find versions for kyokushin karate, aikido, BJJ, taekwondo, judo and many other disciplines.

Karate Suit– online store

If you practice a sport that is one of the Far Eastern fighting techniques, buy a traditional, solid workout outfit to feel part of the group. The kimono consists of a blouse, trousers and a belt. This loose, non-binding traditional outfit is made of cotton. Currently, admixtures of synthetic fibers are used, which improve the properties of the material. We operate sports kimonos for women, children and men of any age group. We are here for you. If you have any questions, tell us about it!