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Properly selected martial arts equipment provides the competitor with comfort and safety. Protective accessories also protect the sparring partner against injuries. Therefore, when training boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, karate and many other martial arts, it is worth getting professional sports equipment, thanks to which you will focus only on training. Combat sports is an activity that perfectly shapes character, improves fitness, figure, dexterity and overall physical fitness.

Regardless of whether you train under the supervision of a professional trainer or deal with your weaknesses on your own, for your comfort we have created a line of accessories that will take your training to the next level. Bet on quality, safety and convenience. Shop online and choose boxing items made for those who expect more!

Combat sports accessories - for whom?

In each category you will find many products dedicated to various martial arts disciplines. We offer a lot of styles and colors. Training equipment is designed for warriors of all body types. Are you a heavyweight? How about featherweight or middleweight? No problem. You can easily match the right set to yourself. As a store with martial arts accessories, we predicted that both short and tall players will be looking for professional equipment.

Before the products reach our offer, they undergo numerous tests, the purpose of which is, among others, choosing a given equipment in terms of its suitability for warriors of various levels of initiation. We have equipment for amateur and professional boxers.

Overlord are accessories for fighters, people who clearly see the goal and are determined enough to achieve it.

Martial arts shop - offer

Our online store has been supporting martial arts athletes, both amateurs and professionals, for years. MMA accessories are made of the best materials, thanks to which each equipment available from us is solid and resistant to extreme loads. When buying Overlord accessories, you can be sure that even with very intensive use, they will retain their properties for a long time. A feature of our products is, above all, high resistance to mechanical damage.

We provide equipment that will enable you to train efficiently, improve your technique and increase your strength and coordination. Using ergonomic accessories will strengthen you and increase your effectiveness during training and fighting at competitions.

Martial arts equipment from Overlord includes::

  1. Gloves – you will find boxing versions and MMA gloves here. When making a purchase, pay attention to the differences that make gloves divided into two groups: training and combat gloves.
  2. Protectors – one of the most important categories in which we have placed devices that directly affect your safety. This includes boxing and MMA helmets, bandages, mouthguards, suspensors, as well as hand, shin and foot protectors.
  3. Speed Balls – extremely durable reflex pears in various shapes and sizes. An interesting option is the double pear, although each of the models presented here will be perfect for training speed, agility and reaction time.
  4. Focus Pads – this useful accessory has been designed so that while perfecting the technique of striking, it also ensures maximum protection for the trainer.
  5. Karate Suits – durable clothes used by adepts of most martial arts. They are made of heavyweight cotton, and in critical places they have additional reinforcements to prevent tearing of the material.
  6. Thai Pads – solid equipment used to improve attack and defense techniques in Muay Thai and kickboxing. By practicing with a trainer, you will develop the ability to combine various techniques, which is an undoubted advantage for MMA fighters.
  7. Training accessories – other equipment used by amateurs and professionals in strength, agility and conditioning training. You will find here e.g. jump ropes and crowns for strength training.

MMA shop - combat sports equipment at attractive prices

Regardless of whether you are a rookie or have spent long hours in the ring or cage, you need to know that effective and safe training cannot take place without the right equipment. Completing our assortment, like other boxing stores, we put special emphasis on the quality of the products offered. However, with us, this quality is followed by attractive prices, which are the result of extensive industry knowledge and analyzes of competitors' movements. If you want to know the price ranges in individual categories, check out the entire offer and choose boxing accessories that will meet your requirements.

MMA equipment - online store

When creating equipment that will be included in our range, we pay attention not only to quality (and therefore durability). One of the criteria is the convenience of use, although the stylish and unique design is also important.

Combat sports require an extremely strong character, determination, great effort and the best equipment. Follow your passion and get better. We'll take care of the rest.

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