Overlord MMA Gloves X-MMA

Overlord MMA Gloves X-MMA

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General information

Properly selected MMA gloves will protect the wrist against injuries and fractures, allow for long and intense training while ensuring safety and comfort. MMA gloves, depending on their purpose, differ in shape, type of materials used, additional reinforcements in specific zones, flexibility, length of the strap and, of course, a properly selected size, which is very important for safety and comfort. Beginners should also pay attention to the length of the strap fastening the gloves, the possibility of wrapping the wrist twice stabilizes and protects against its injury. MMA gloves are divided into training gloves and fighting gloves. Each of these types differs in shape, properties and thickness of the filling used and the thickness of the foam. Training gloves are most often made in a closed version, with thumb and fist protection. MMA sparring gloves, like sparring boxing gloves, are clearly softer than training gloves, thanks to which they better protect the sparring partner against the effects of very strong blows. Sparring gloves have additional reinforcement made of shock-absorbing and energy-distributing foam. MMA grappling gloves, otherwise grippy, must simultaneously protect the hands without limiting mobility and gripping possibilities.

Overlord® MMA Gloves X-MMA

MMA gloves Overlord X-MMA can be used for amateur fights and training.

The gloves are perfect for training strike and wrestling techniques.

The construction of the gloves uses a multi-layer Lahorey Sheet & EVA Foam system with the use of foam of different density with excellent properties that absorb and distribute energy, even for very strong blows.

The design with the improved anatomical shape of the gloves provides great flexibility of movement of the fingers, while maintaining effective protection of the hand against injuries, this solution allows you to train and fight without restrictions.

The body of the Overlord X-MMA glove thanks to its ergonomic design perfectly fits the hand, making it almost a second skin, and the triple, very strong hook & loop closure makes the gloves very firmly stick to the hand even during very hard training.

The thumb is protected by an additional 8 mm thick layer of absorbent foam, which reduces the risk of injury and knocking out the thumb to a minimum. Articulated finger tips increase the mobility and grip properties of the Overlord X-MMA gloves.

The Lahorey Sheet & EVA Foam protection panel located in the strike zone and wrist perfectly absorbs the impact force of each strike.

The wrist is stabilized with a wide cuff, and a reinforced long strap provides excellent support and allows for a more personalized fit.

Overlord X-MMA gloves are made of the highest quality, very resistant synthetic leather 100% PU Flex, which in combination with reinforced seams guarantees a very long life.

The inner lining of the gloves maximizes the absorption and wicking of moisture, also has an antibacterial function, the fabric keeps your hands cool during intense training, and the gloves dry faster.

Sebastian Przybysz w rękawicach MMA Overlord X-MMA

Technical parameters

Outer Material Top-quality, very durable synthetic leather 100% PU Flex
Filling Multilayer Lahorey Sheet & EVA Foam with different density
Materiał wewnętrzny Inner Material
Wrist Very Strong Hook & Loop System

Safety and Comfort

  • Extended wrist area, reinforced with EVA foam
  • Articulated highly mobile profile
  • Thumb protected by an additional panel
  • Durable, shock-absorbing Lahorey Sheet & EVA Foam with different density to control and absorb impacts and provide protection against contusions and injuries
  • Freedom of movement thanks to the exposed palm of the hand
  • Large surface area of the nailing panel reinforced with 18 mm multi-layer foam
  • Triple, wide, very strong hook & loop fastening, which stiffens the wrist very effectively
  • Reinforced, wide cuff that perfectly stabilizes and protects the wrist against injuries
  • Breathable, anti-allergic and antibacterial inner fabric
  • CE in accordance with the guidelines of PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010

Do not leave the gloves in sealed, closed packaging immediately after training.

Remember to use boxing wraps that will extend the life of the gloves and also prevent wrist injuries.

Sebastian Przybysz w rękawicach MMA Overlord X-MMA Niebieskie


Most MMA gloves are made with a 1-1.5 cm allowance for each size, this means that size S will fit a hand of size M, therefore the choice of size is determined by the weight of the fighter.

For people weighing up to 75 kg, regardless of age and gender, sizes S and M will be ideal.

Competitors weighing more than 75 kg should choose gloves in sizes L and XL. For maximum safety and comfort, especially for people under 75 kg who are taking their first steps in MMA, the weight of the glove should not exceed 4 ounces for training gloves and 7 ounces for competition gloves.


MMA gloves do not provide complete protection against injuries!

Any contamination, unauthorized changes to gloves, improper use can significantly reduce their protective properties!

12 months warranty

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