Overlord Headguard Predator with facemask

Overlord Headguard Predator with facemask

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General information

Practicing contact sports such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga or MMA involves the risk of very serious injuries. In the case of the head, these injuries most often include abrasions of the epidermis, contusions of the auricles, but also fractures of the nasal bones. A high-quality headguard absorbs the impact force, effectively protecting the head against dangerous injuries, while maintaining the comfort of use, it ensures safety during training, sparring and amateur fights, absorbing and evenly distributing the force of blows, while protecting the jaw, ears and cheeks. It is also very important to adjust the size so that it does not move during training and at the same time does not limit the field of view. A properly selected head protector will ensure comfort and safety regardless of the discipline you practice. The type and quality of the filling of the head protector is responsible for the absorption of impact forces and shocks, so it has a decisive impact on the safety of its user. Strong fasteners and the adjustment system allow you to precisely adjust the headguard to the size and shape of the head, the headguard cannot move when taking blows. A lighter headguard will be much better for training, head protectors for competitions have more weight. Both types of headguards must protect the forehead, chin, cheekbones, jaw and around the ears. Overlord offers models with additional shock-absorbing foam in the cheek area, allowing for even distribution of the force of the blow directed at the nose. An additional, horizontal stitching in the ear-protecting zone prevents a sudden increase in pressure in the external auditory canal, thus protecting the eardrum against damage. The head protector is especially recommended for athletes with a history of craniofacial injuries.

Overlord® Headguard Predator with facemask

Extremely durable and well-constructed, the Overlord Predator protector provides full protection for the top of the head, cheekbones, jaw and chin area.

The headgear with the Predator mask is ideal for a variety of full contact combat sports, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and MMA

The inner filling of the Overlord Predator head protector is made of a multi-layer construction with the use of perfectly cushioning foam with different density EVA Foam, which effectively protects against painful injuries and injuries.

The foam filling of the Overlord Predator head protector perfectly absorbs and evenly distributes the energy resulting from strong blows.

The ear area is protected by a 12 mm thick panel made of very high density Eva Foam.

The detachable face shield is made of a flexible, very break-resistant polymer.

Helmet model with Overlord Predator mask made of the highest quality 100% PU Flex synthetic leather, resistant, very durable and easy to clean and maintain.

A strong hook & loop fastening and a double adjustment system allow you to precisely adjust the Overlord Predator helmet to the size of your head, so that it is stable and does not move when taking blows.

The fabric lining the inner part of the helmet ensures perfect air circulation, maximizes the absorption and removal of moisture, and has anti-allergic properties.

Technical Parameters

Outer Material Top quality, very durable synthetic leather 100% PU Flex
Filling Multilayer foam with different densities of EVA Foam
Inner Material Breathable anti-allergic fabric, limiting the absorption of moisture inside the helmet, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic
Adjustment system Double, hook & loop

Safety and Comfort

  • Reinforced ear protection zone 4 mm +12 mm EVA
  • Removable, break-resistant face shield
  • Ergonomic profile, perfect fit to the shape of the head
  • Durable, multi-density cushioning foam to control and absorb impact and provide protection from contusions and injuries
  • Covering the head and face giving full protection of the skull while maintaining an adequate field of vision
  • Reinforced, shaped chin strap
  • High-quality breathable, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial inner fabric
  • CE safety certificate
  • in accordance with the guidelines of PN-EN 13277-1:2002 and PN-EN 13277-4:2004/A1:2008

Do not leave the head protector in an airtight, closed container immediately after training.

Size chart

XS 51-52 cm
S 52-55 cm
M 55-58 cm
L 58-61 cm
XL >61 cm


The head protector does not provide full protection against injuries!

Any contamination, independent changes in gloves, improper use can significantly reduce their protective properties!

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