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Overlord Ochraniacze Łokci
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Overlord Ochraniacze Łokci

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General information

Elbow protectors are essential equipment in full contact combat sports, their task is to protect all structures that make up the joint. It is very important to adjust the size so that they do not move during training and do not restrict freedom of movement. In the case of MMA, elbow protectors should not restrict freedom of movement, especially during sparring or ground fighting. These types of protectors, thanks to their lightweight construction, allow for greater precision in hits. Protectors should be made of very resistant and durable materials and finished on the inside with a strong, non-slip, breathable and moisture-absorbing fabric. Martial arts characterized by, among other things, ground fighting require well-shaped, hard protectors that provide maximum protection to the ligament apparatus and bone structures of the joint.. 

Overlord® Elbow Protector

Overlord elbow protectors have been designed to minimize the risk of the most common injuries while practicing martial arts, such as abrasions, contusions and sprains. In the case of the elbow joint, it is very important to protect the attachment site of the triceps muscle - the olecranon process of the ulna - which is most exposed to direct injuries. With this in mind, Overlord elbow protectors use multi-layer foam that perfectly absorbs direct forces acting on the joint and a reinforced cuff that improves the stabilization of ligament structures. The flexible outer fabric is exceptionally durable while allowing full, free range of motion in the joint: flexion, extension, external and internal rotation. Soft and moisture-absorbing inner fabric, adjustable double clasp and polyester fabric lining ensure maximum comfort of use and prevent painful abrasions.

Good to remember! The most common fracture in athletes in the elbow joint is a fracture of the radial head - in order to prevent this type of injury as effectively as possible, it is extremely important to improve safe fall techniques. 

Technical parameters

External Material 100% Polyester
Filling Multi-layer EVA Foam
Inner material Breathable, anti-allergic fabric that limits moisture absorption inside and has antibacterial properties
Color Black
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Safery & Comfort

  • Durable, shock-absorbing EVA Foam perfectly absorbs and distributes shocks
  • Excellent absorption, training safety
  • Bone structures and ligament apparatus protected by an additional layer of 18 mm shock-absorbing foam
  • Stable structure, perfect fit to the constantly working joint
  • Light weight
  • Double, very strong hook & loop adjustment system
  • CE safety certificate in accordance with the guidelines PN-EN 13277-1:2002 and PN-EN 13277-7:2010

All models of Overlord elbow protectors are hand-sewn

Do not leave the protectors in a tight, closed package immediately after training


Protectors do not provide full protection against injuries!

Any contamination, independent changes to the protectors, and improper use can significantly reduce their protective properties!