Overlord Focus Pad Legacy

Overlord Focus Pad Legacy

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General information

Training with focus pad is one of the best trainings, developing the athlete's technical and tactical skills without having to confront a sparring partner. It improves the strength and accuracy of strikes during training, speed, endurance, precision and reflexes. At the same time, it develops offensive skills - performing blows from different angles, using combinations of blows, and defensive skills - blocking and parrying blows, using all kinds of dodges. This is a type of training in conditions similar to those of a real fight - it improves footwork, the ability to use different styles and gets used to contact with a potential opponent. By working on techniques with an experienced coach, the player works on attack and defense at the same time, and technical errors are corrected on an ongoing basis. During such training, a high pace and maximum effectiveness of the loads are ensured, and the trainer has the opportunity to check the athlete's reaction speed and his readiness to repel unexpected opponent attacks. Training with paws is work that requires a lot of energy and coordination of striking and defensive movements, it improves speed - if you are faster than your opponent, you will take advantage of his weak points. Training with focus pads comprehensively develops almost all techniques used in combat sports and perfectly prepares players for sparring and competitions.

Overlord® Focus Pad Legacy

Overlord® Legacy Focus Pads are top-class training equipment designed primarily for professional players and trainers, made of very durable and durable synthetic leather, easy to clean and maintain.

Their unique design using multi-layer foam of various densities combined with innovative pneumatic chambers and a unique profile makes the Legacy Focus Pad much better cushion and absorb the energy of strong blows. 

the blows do not slip during strong hits, it increases the versatility of training thanks to the possibility of using many variants of blows delivered from different angles.

The anatomically shaped grip area ensures safety during training.

The pads can be used on both sides, which allows you to avoid unnatural twisting of the hand when receiving blows and significantly increases comfort during long training sessions. The double-sided training surface allows you to perform complex combinations of punches and kicks with minimized risk of overloading the trainer's wrist.

The design of the focus pads, thanks to the strengthening and stiffening of the wrist area and the profiled, perfectly shock-absorbing foam under the wrist, effectively minimizes the risk of injury to the trainer caused by joint strain.

The Overlord focus pads have a special ventilation system that removes moisture during intense training and ensures that the paws dry quickly after training.

Zestaw Overlord Legacy

Technical parameters

External material highest quality, very durable and durable 100% PU synthetic leather
Filling multi-layer foam with different density Jumbo Foam & EVA 
Cuff Contoured, wide, reinforced with 12 mm thick shock-absorbing foam
Color Black
Dimensions 25 x 22; 380 g

Safety & Comfort

  • Contoured training surface
  • Innovative pneumatic chambers ensure excellent absorption and even distribution of energy 
  • Wrist protection zone extended with 34 mm thick shock-absorbing foam 
  • The profile facilitates comfortable holding of the pads and safe hand positioning
  • Ergonomically shaped hand space, 
  • Highly durable multi-density foam that controls and absorbs impacts and provides protection against injuries and injuries 
  • A system that provides very efficient ventilation during intense training 
  • Ultralight design

Kacper Kozierzębski w Łapach Trenera Overlord Legacy

All Overlord® Focus Pads models are handmade

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