Overlord Karate Mitt

Overlord Karate Mitt

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General information

Karate is a self-defense art that uses the human body only and in the most effective way. As part of karate, adepts undergo tameshi-wari exercises consisting in breaking hard objects (boards, bricks, tiles, etc.), among others. with the edge of the hand, fist. Used in karate, regardless of the practiced style, the techniques of blocks, punches and strikes with an "empty hand" are associated with the occurrence of injuries and injuries. Most often there are abrasions, bruises, sprains and damage to the soft tissues of the hands. The causes of hand injuries can be very different - improper warm-up, training errors or overtraining. A very common cause of injuries is improperly selected or poor quality protectors - fists. The quality and safety of training depends on well-chosen mitts, they may differ in details related to the requirements of individual karate styles, but all of them have an open structure, which results from the specificity of striking and focusing heavy loads on the proximal phalanges and interphalangeal joints. All of them are usually made of a relatively thin material, reinforced with a suitable foam placed only on the outer part of the hand. A well-thought-out selection of mitts is extremely important, because they are the only hand protection against injuries.

Overlord® Karate Mitt

Flexible Overlord hand protectors are made of cotton fabric with an admixture of polyester, thanks to which the protector perfectly adapts to the shape of the hand, ensuring comfort and safety of training. Filling with foam of appropriate thickness, hardness with shock-absorbing properties minimizes the risk of painful injuries. Breathable, lightweight and ergonomic design with very good shock absorption provides maximum comfort while maintaining very good hand protection. Flexible Overlord mitts are perfect for e.g. in such disciplines as Karate, Taekwondo, Kyokushin.

Technical parameters

Outer Material Polyester
Filling Multi-layer EVA Foam 13 mm
Inner Material Cotton, polyester

Safety and Comfort

  • Lightweight, high-density foam for effective protection against injuries
  • Shock-absorbing EVA system with a thickness of 12 mm
  • Breathable, antibacterial fabric
  • Perfect fit to the shape of the hand
  • Great freedom of movement during training and amateur fights
  • Comfortable welt perfectly holding the fist
  • CE PN-EN 13277-1:2002 and PN-EN 13277-7:2010

Do not leave the protectors in a sealed, closed package immediately after training.


Protectors do not provide full protection against injuries!

Any contamination, independent changes in the protectors, improper use can significantly reduce their protective properties!