Overlord Boxing Bandage 250 cm with Neoprene Glove

Overlord Boxing Bandage 250 cm with Neoprene Glove

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General information

Boxing bandages are mandatory equipment for people practicing combat sports. This applies to people starting their adventure with boxing and advanced players practicing Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai. People practicing boxing must take special care to protect their hands against mechanical injuries or fractures. Of course, the main protection is properly selected gloves, no less crucial in preventing injuries and injuries are boxing wraps, which protect primarily the thumb, wrist and metacarpals against injuries and injuries. High-quality bandages are made of cotton fabric with an admixture of polyester, they ensure a perfect fit to the player's hand and hold it very well. This type of wraps is flexible, stiffens the hand very well and at the same time is very durable and resistant to damage. The use of bandages is also very important for hygienic reasons, during intense training or fight they absorb sweat, thus protecting the gloves against the development of microflora that give off an unpleasant odor. The use of wraps extends the life of the gloves. In addition to cotton-synthetic wraps, wraps with a shock-absorbing gel insert, which additionally protects the hand bones, are characterized by excellent hand protection. Wraps made of extremely flexible and durable neoprene fabric with an additional, thin layer of very resistant and shock-absorbing EVA foam are also highly appreciated. This type of wraps will also work as stabilization and immobilization of the wrist in case of injuries or injuries. The use of neoprene guarantees a very long life of the wraps.

Overlord® Bandaż bokserski z rękawicą Neopren 2,5 m

Boxing bandage with Overlord Neoprene glove 2.5 m is made of extremely flexible and durable neoprene fabric. The outer side of the hand is protected by a 3 mm layer of durable, perfectly shock-absorbing EVA Foam of various densities. The EVA system provides excellent shock absorption, evenly distributes the energy resulting from strong blows or blocks.

Reinforcement of the thumb hole provides effective protection and stabilization of the wrist-metacarpal joint of the thumb. Therefore, this type of wraps will also work well in the case of injuries as immobilization of the injured area.

The 2.5-meter-long fabric used to stabilize and protect the wrist is made of high-quality cotton with the addition of elastane, thanks to which the Overlord Neoprene glove bandage is extremely stretchy and elastic, always returns to its original shape and does not deform.

The fabric also provides excellent sweat absorption and high resistance to dirt.

The double fastening of the wrapper with an additional hook & loop fastening placed in the body protecting the hand and wrist prevents it from shifting during training or an amateur fight.

Overlord Neoprene guarantees freedom of movement, very soft fabric protects the hand against abrasions.

Overlord bandages do not dye your hands and do not lose their color during washing thanks to the advanced method of dyeing the fabric.

Technical Parameters

Outer Material Neopren, cotton, elasthan
Inner Material EVA Foam
Closing Very strong hoop & loop
Lenght 2,5 m

Safety and Comfort

  • Breathable, soft, sweat-absorbing stretch fabric
  • High durability and high impact resistance thanks to the Eva Foam reinforcement
  • Stabilization, stiffening and protection of the wrists
  • Comfort and safety during training
  • Perfect fit and adherence to the hand
  • Double hook & loop fastening system that holds the wrapper perfectly
  • Additional protection and stabilization of the carpal-metacarpal joint of the thumb
  • Does not stain hands and does not lose color

Do not leave the wrappers in tight, closed packaging immediately after training.


Wraps should be placed tightly so that they protect the wrists and hands without obstructing blood circulation.

After training, the wraps should be rolled up again.

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