Overlord Boxing Gloves Riven Leather

Overlord Boxing Gloves Riven Leather

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General information

A thoughtful selection of gloves is very important, because they also have a protective function. Properly selected and fitted boxing gloves optimally protect the hands against micro-injuries and absorb the impact force, absorbing and evenly dispersing the impact energy over the entire surface of the glove. Gloves are to protect not only their user, but also a sparring partner or opponent in the ring and at the same time minimize the risk of injuries. The quality and safety of training depends on well-chosen gloves. The weight of boxing gloves is influenced by the density and type of foam used in them, the number of layers used in the impact zone, and additional layers placed in the wrist zone or in the blocking zone. An ounce (oz) is not a size but a unit of weight (28.35 grams), but the number of ounces determines not only the weight of the gloves, but also their size. For lighter gloves, weighing up to 10 ounces, the internal space for inserting the hand also increases with the weight, which in this case makes it easier to choose the size based on the weight of the gloves. The inner size of gloves weighing 10 ounces and more is already universal, and the outer dimensions of the gloves increase with the weight, which is related to the use of more and more foam in the impact zone, thus determining the purpose of the gloves.

Overlord® Boxing Gloves Riven

Riven classic boxing gloves perfectly absorb the power of blows, which is very important during long-term, intensive training. They check during everyday training on devices, during sparring and amateur competitions

Overlord Riven gloves are made of natural cowhide. The internal multi-layer PU Base Mold & Eva Foam with different densities provides excellent absorption and distribution of impact force.

The body of the glove, thanks to its ergonomic design, fits perfectly to the hand, and the thumb connected to the glove reduces the risk of injury and dislocation of the thumb to a minimum.

The wrist is additionally protected by an extensive 15 mm stiffening on the outer side of the cuff.

The Overlord Riven boxing gloves have been equipped with a ventilation panel for better air circulation and hand comfort. The inner area made of highly durable mesh keeps your hands cool during intense training and the gloves dry faster.

The absorbent inner lining of the Riven gloves maximizes the absorption and removal of moisture, also performing an antibacterial function.

Róża Gumienna i Kacper Kozierzębski w rękawicach bokserskich Overlord Riven Gold

Technical parameters

Outer Material Top quality natural cowhide 100%
Filling 100% PU Base Mould & EVA Foam
Inner Material Breathable anti-allergic fabric, limiting the absorption of moisture inside the gloves
Wrist Reinforced with multilayer foam of different density, 15 mm stiffening on the outside and 12 mm on the inside of the cuff

Safety and Comfort

  • The wrist zone is extended with multilayer foam with a thickness of 15 mm
  • Profile for easy hand closure
  • Protected by the body of the glove, ergonomically profiled thumb, attached to the glove
  • High-density multi-layer foam to control and cushion impacts and provide protection against contusions and injuries
  • Ventilation holes in the thumb area
  • Technology that ensures glove ventilation during intense training.
  • Large area of the panel for knocking down blows
  • Comfortable, wide, very strong hook & loop fastener that perfectly stabilizes and stiffens the wrist, protects against dislocation
  • Breathable, antibacterial inner fabric
  • CE in accordance with the guidelines of PN-EN 13277-1:2002 and PN-EN 13277-7:2010

Do not leave the gloves in sealed, closed packaging immediately after training.

Remember to use boxing wraps that will extend the life of the gloves and also prevent wrist injuries.

Róża Gumienna w rękawicach bokserskich Overlord Riven Gold


Size Our recommendations Purpose
2-4 oz The smallest boxing gloves designed for children up to 5 years old For juniors up to 5 years old
6 oz Suitable for children 4-6 years old, technical training and instrument training Gloves weighing up to 6 oz are intended for the youngest adepts of martial arts
8 oz For young people up to 15 years of age, women with small hands, also used in taekwondo, technical training, instrument training The 8 oz size should be chosen by women, it is also suitable for training for teenagers and people with small hands
10 oz For adults with a normal hand size, a training glove for all-round use, suitable for both training and competition Gloves weighing 10 oz are used during competitions, they are perfect for training with equipment. Due to their relatively low weight, they make it easier to develop speed, reflexes and precision of strikes
12 oz For adults, women with larger hands, universal size training gloves, suitable for sparring, competition, instrument training and technical training 12 oz gloves are gloves with the most universal use. They prove themselves during the improvement of techniques, training on equipment and sparring. When choosing gloves intended for sparring, we must also take into account the safety of our sparring partner. A heavier glove does not allow for high speed, which affects the impact force, so if you want to minimize the likelihood of injuries and injuries, choose gloves weighing 12 oz or heavier
14 oz For men for technical training and sparring 14 oz gloves, thanks to the appropriate properties of the foam, thickness and the number of layers of inserts used to absorb the force of impacts, are the safest for sparring - the more padding in the impact zone, the more secure the boxing gloves for a sparring partner
>16 oz For men, as a training glove, designed for working with equipment and sparring, suitable for conditioning and endurance training 16 oz gloves will be perfect when you intend to work on your strength endurance and condition, large gloves make it easier to maintain a tight guard

Beginners should not use too heavy gloves, because it is easier then to make technical mistakes, while learning the correct striking techniques, too heavy gloves may cause, for example, too low lowering of the hands


Boxing gloves do not provide complete protection against injuries!

Any contamination, unauthorized changes to gloves, improper use can significantly reduce their protective properties!

12 months warranty

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